Avoid Plumbing Emergencies

General plumbing maintenance can dramatically reduce the emergency situations everyone wants to avoid and ensure plumbing disasters are avoided. Delaying maintenance plumbing may save you cash today, but neglecting to deal with the problem in your home, office or workplace can lead to expensive costs for major repairs later on.

In an apartment complex or multi-level commercial building, regular preventative plumbing maintenance is recommended to avoid major damage from burst pipes, pipe blockages or pipe leaks that not only damage the affected property, but potentially, can damage lower floor and neighbouring properties. Preventative maintenance does involve planning and scheduling throughout the year, but can help minimise major plumbing disasters in the future.

All year round AMS are available for all your plumbing maintenance needs however, it may not be practical to call us every time your tap drips. Before calling, take a look around the house, office or workplace and identify any other plumbing issues so our technician can address all issues in one visit. Our maintenance department are specialists in all areas of maintenance plumbing.

Reliable Maintenance Plumbers Brisbane

The Team at AMS are reliable maintenance plumbers offering a variety of plumbing services. All technicians are fully licenced and highly qualified in all areas of maintenance plumbing. AMS offer cost effective solutions to all your maintenance plumbing needs and will assist you in avoiding any plumbing nightmares in the future.

We understand that your home, business or workplace needs to be functioning like clockwork. Advance Maintenance Service Plumbing has a vast variety of plumbing services to cater to your needs, no matter how big or small the plumbing issue may be.

Body Corporate and Property Management Service

We provide contract services to Body Corporates and Property Managers to assist and resolve a wide variety of plumbing issues. We highly recommend a regular plumbing maintenance program to stay ahead of the ongoing problems and costly emergency call outs. It’s our job to make your life easy as a property manager, whether you are looking after private or commercial properties, we will work with you, from start to finish.

The team at AMS will answer your call straight away, which means you will get immediate, professional advice over the phone. They can assess the nature of your needs, to ensure one of our licenced plumbers come equipped with the right materials to get the job done.


  • Have an AMS plumber come out and fix that leaking tap now, before it gets worse. The amount of water that is leaking now may seem insignificant, but even a little water can cause water damage. Preventative plumbing maintenance is better than an emergency.
  • Fixing a running or leaking toilet should be a regular item on your plumbing maintenance checklist. Have an AMS plumber out today and inspect whether the parts can be replaced or if it’s more economical to install a whole new toilet suite.
  • Avoid rinsing cooking oils or fats down your kitchen sink – they can solidify in the cold pipes. Steer clear of using drain cleaning blocks on toilets.  They get trapped and can damage your pipes. Contact the plumbing professionals at AMS if you are unable to clear the drain yourself. AMS plumbers have the drain clearing equipment on their vehicles to deal with your drainage maintenance and blocked drains.
  • Regular maintenance is the best way to prevent a serious plumbing problem. Have AMS carry out a camera inspection of your main sewer line or septic system today to avoid potential problems.

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