Burst Pipes?

When you have burst pipes or a major water leak, you want to call a plumber you can rely on and want a plumber fast.

AMS Plumbing have over 10 Brisbane plumbers on hand ready to assist with your burst pipe – because let’s be honest, a burst pipe can happen anytime and you just want someone to take care of it.

How do I know if I have a burst pipe?

In most instances, a true burst pipe will be obvious. Water will be spilling out from a pipe in a wall, under your sink or from underground. Your house will look like it has been through a natural disaster. If it has, call us, your emergency plumber.

To reduce any damages that flooding can cause from a burst pipe at your property be sure to take the following steps:

  • Locate the water mains turn off or shut off valve (usually out the front of your property)
  • Turn off the mains water supply to stop the water entering your property and flooding
  • Call a qualified and reliable plumber – AMS Plumbing

It doesn’t matter whether you need a burst pipe repaired, a water leak detection service or a full piping network replaced – we’ll have the licenced plumber ready for whatever the plumbing service is you require.

Tell-tale signs you’ve got a burst pipe:

  • Wet, soggy, or muddy grounds / lawns? Possibly an underground burst.
  • Damp walls or damp flooring? Possibly a burst pipe within a wall cavity.
  • Water running out onto the kerb? Possibly a burst water main.
  • Higher than normal water bills from your local Council? Possible water leak.

Stop searching for any old plumber – Call the Burst Pipe Plumbing specialists today and let us take care of that leaking pipe or burst pipe.

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