Hot Water Services

  • No hot water?
  • Have you noticed your hot water system leaking?
  • Is your hot water system over 10 years old?
  • Or do you have a hot water emergency?

For all your hot water system needs call the plumbers you can trust, AMS Plumbing

The average household uses hot water system nearly every day. For that reason, it is important you select the most effective and energy efficient hot water system to meet your needs.  Water coming into your home makes a journey through a system of pipes, and it’s usually cold or cool, depending on the time of year. To have water warm enough to take a hot shower or bath, to use your dishwasher or washing machine, you need a hot water system.

Hot Water Plumbers with Over 30 Years Experience

AMS Plumbing have over 30 years experience in all areas of servicing electric hot water systems and resolving hot water issues.  In many cases, we can even repair a hot water system by replacing thermostats and elements. Our technicians service hot water systems, repair hot water systems or replace your hot water systems if required.  AMS Plumbing carries a wide range of new hot water systems from all the top manufacturers including: Rheem, Dux, Vulcan, Aquamax and Solarhart, so you can be assured we will have a hot water product that truly fits your needs.

Your existing hot water system may be coming to the ‘end of its working life’ or simply not functioning correctly.  Running a hot water system more efficiently can be of financial benefit to your household as well as being of benefit to our environment. You will use less water and less electricity if you improve the efficiency of your current hot water system, or better still, install a more efficient one.

Cost Effective Hot Water Solutions

Let our plumbers guide you through the best option for you and your family in relation to your hot water requirements.  AMS Plumbers can take you through a step-by-step process to ensure that we are providing you with the most cost effective solution for your new hot water system.

If you need to replace your hot water system it could be beneficial to consider installing a heat pump hot water system.  Heat pumps offer the most energy-efficient way to provide hot water, as they use renewable heat sources in our surroundings. Heat pump hot water systems use electricity to move heat from one place to another instead of generating heat directly – like refrigerators in reverse. Heat pumps that draw heat from the air use only about one third of the energy of a standard electric hot water system. Government hot water rebates may also be available (depending on circumstances) to assist with the purchase cost of heat pumps.


Ensure Regular Maintenance

  • Have the hot water system installed by a registered plumber and electrician, perform regular maintenance and ensure it is serviced according to the manufacturer’s instructions to maintain the efficiency and longevity of the system.

Check for Hot Water Leaks

  • Ensure the entire hot water system is checked regularly and that leaks are repaired immediately. Fix dripping hot water taps as soon as they happen.

If Installing a New Hot Water System, Choose the Right Location

  • Installing a hot water system as close to kitchen or bathroom facilities, or utilities requiring regular hot water, means taps do not have to run cold water out for too long before the hot water comes through. Keeping pipe runs as short as possible can help to minimise the heat loss from pipes.

Know When to Turn the Water Heater off

  • If you’re going away on holiday turn off the hot water system to prevent unnecessary water heating. Adding a timer to electric water heating units to automatically turn the system on and off depending on when hot water is required makes this process even simpler.

Reduce the Minimum Hot Water Settings

  • Check that the thermostat is set at a level that is appropriate for the purpose of use of the hot water. If the hot water system has an adjustable thermostat, adjust the temperature to provide the minimum hot water temperature required. Consider installing a thermostatic mixing valve.

Insulate the Source

  • Insulate hot water storage tanks and shelter them from the weather. This will help reduce heat loss from the hot water system.

 Install a Heat Pump

  • Heat pump hot water systems extract warmth from the air to heat water. These are currently the most energy efficient type of electric hot water systems and some are estimated to be 65 percent more energy efficient than storage-type electric hot water systems.

Consider Solar

  • Installing and using solar hot water over other types of systems can be an efficient solution because solar systems harness energy from the sun. This is a proven technology that in the right environment can supply most of your hot water needs.

For all your hot water needs contact the team at AMS Plumbing. We provide hot water services across Brisbane.