Why is my toilet making a strange sound?

A toilet making a strange sound – it is literally screaming for attention!

If you bathroom sounds like a scene from a horror movie, you know something isn’t right. The only acceptable sound your toilet should be making is the sound of it being flushed; any others are cause for concern.

Strange sounds your toilet should not be making:


If your toilet is whistling inappropriately then there is likely a problem with the fill valve. The fill valve works to fill the tank after the flush and is designed to automatically fill the cistern without it overflowing. This valve can wear out over time and when it does it leaks, causing the whistling sound. This is a relatively easy repair.


If your toilet is making a foghorn sound your toilet is likely an older model with a metal ballcock fill valve. The sound is coming from a loose washer. Although you may be able to replace the washer, replacing the entire valve isn’t much more costly and is the long-term fix.


A hissing toilet is generally caused by water leaking from the tank into the bowl, usually due to a faulty flush valve or a problem with the aerator or flush valve assembly.


If you hear a humming sound or feel the toilet vibrate after flushing this could be the result of a worn out diaphragm.

The diaphragm redirects water that pours into the cistern into the bowl.

Over time the diaphragm can crack, causing water pressure to drop and escape through the hole rather than up the flush pipe. This uneven the water pressure, causes poor flow and the result is your toilet humming with every flush.


If your toilet is gurgling as you flush it, it is likely to be clogged. If it is gurgling then it isn’t yet a full blockage and should be able to be resolved with the help of a plunger.

Any ongoing mumbles, grumbles or gurgles shouldn’t be ignored! If your toilet makes any of the noises above, or any other strange sounds, you should contact a plumber to investigate further and conduct necessary repairs.