Why is my floor drain overflowing?

You know you have a problem you can’t ignore when a pipe is leaking or a floor drain is overflowing.

If your bathroom or laundry have a drain overflowing, the most common causes are:

In order for the wastewater to back up to a point of overflowing, the drain is likely to be seriously blocked or obstructed and requires immediate attention.

What causes a blockage in pipes?

Unidentified Foreign Objects blocking the pipe

Do you have a UFO?! A foreign object is anything that is in your drain that shouldn’t be. These foreign objects are often the result of un-flushable items ending up in the toilet. Anything but human waste and toilet paper can reduce the flow of water in your pipes and cause a blockage. These blockages can back up so much that water can no longer get through, causing your drains to overflow.

Build up of grime and slime clogging up the pipe

All of the hair, gels, lotions and potions that are used in the shower can cause more build up in the pipes than ever before. This reduces the flow in the pipe, which can eventually cause water start to overflow from the drain as the drainage slows down considerably.

How can I stop my floor drain overflowing?

Clean pipes regularly

Using a drain cleaner regularly clean your drains to keep the water flowing as freely as possible. Regularly use drain cleaner in all of your drains; whether this be a store brought solution or a DIY combination of baking soda and white vinegar.

Use an auger to dislodge any solid blockages

Try using an auger to dislodge any solid blockages in the pipe. Make sure your auger is long enough, as it will have to be fed a considerable distance down the pipe to potentially reach any areas that are clogged or foreign objects blocking the pipe.

If all else fails and you can’t get your drains under control, call a professional plumber to investigate further. Plumbers have the knowledge and equipment to get your water flowing freely again without causing more damage to your pipes.