What is my plumbing’s lifespan?

Knowing your plumbing’s lifespan is important, but this knowledge is often overlooked by many homeowners. Unless you’ve recently bought a new house or your home is only a few years old, there’s a chance that your plumbing may need some looking after. A plumbing emergency is avoidable most of the time with regular servicing. So before a catastrophe hits, here are the telltale signs your plumbing needs some upgrading.

Water discolouration

If you regularly notice yellow, brown or black water coming from your taps, this means that rust, dirt and other sediment has accumulated inside your pipes. Over time it can build up to the point where it clogs the pipe’s opening, preventing water from flowing smoothly. If left unchecked, the water will continue to flow but will become dirty and discoloured.

Cracking sounds in pipes

You don’t need to see for yourself cracks appearing in your plumbing system to know that something’s wrong. Cracks in pipes are characterised by the pipes themselves making a popping, clanging or cracking sound when water is being pumped through them. This is commonly caused by water pressure building up inside the pipework, and is usually a sign that your pipes need to be replaced.

Water leaking from appliances

If you notice water leaking onto appliances like fridges or washing machines, then this could be a sign that your plumbing needs replacing. Certain appliances can “leak” water for other reasons, but if water is seen coming out of the appliance’s interior, this is an indicator that your plumbing is unable to handle the pressure.

Wet carpets or floors

Frequent leakage from your taps or pipes may mean it’s time to consider replacing the damaged pipes. If left unchecked, a leaky pipe can not only cause wetness and stains on your carpets or flooring, but also lead to more expensive damage like rotting woodwork and mould growth.

Water pressure issues

If you notice that your tap is not running as it should, this could be an indication that there’s a blockage elsewhere in the pipe system. When water pressure within the pipes is low, this can prevent water from flowing as it should and may result in leaks from other areas of your house. High-pressure issues are potentially more serious and can mean that sewage is flowing into your home.

Water leaking into your garden or yard

The last thing you want is to have water leaking into your garden, basement or ground at all. If you notice that your pipe has stopped working properly, and water has started leaking out of it, this could be a sign that the pipe is no longer secure. When a pipe leaks and water begins seeping out of it, this can cause damage to your property.

Don’t wait to upgrade your plumbing system until it’s too late. At AMS Plumbing, our expert team will keep you informed on your plumbing’s lifespan and regularly service your pipes so you can save money in the long-run!

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