Should I let a Plumber into my home during COVID-19 restrictions?

A blocked toilet or leaking pipe isn’t ideal at the best of times, never mind when you’re working from home, the kids are being homeschooled and life is more stressful than ever! During COVID-19 we’re avoiding strangers more than ever, so what happens when you need to let a plumber into your home? Is it safe?

Can I let a plumber into my home during COVID-19?

The message from AMS Plumbing; yes it is safe to have tradies in your home and they’ll be taking more precautions than ever for the safety of their clients and themselves.

It is important to address any plumbing issues that you can’t resolve yourself as soon as they come to light. This can save you a plumbing nightmare and also by acting quickly during these times you will likely be able to get assistance without having to wait very long at all.

During COVID-91 AMS Plumbing are following Safe Work Australia policies and:

We are asking our clients to:

During these stressful times it is more important than ever for you and your home to let tradies carry out their work if it is safe to do so!