How to unblock a toilet

There is never a convenient time for a blocked toilet.

When a toilet flushes poorly or won’t flush at all, there is likely a blockage. Do not keep attempting to flush as the toilet bowl will fill up with water each time and could overflow. Fortunately most blockages can be cleared using DIY methods quickly, avoiding an expensive and inconvenient plumbing disaster! Here we look at some ways you can unblock a toilet.

Ways to attempt to unblock your toilet

  • Use a plunger. Using a heavy-duty rubber plunger, fully submerge it and slowly plunge over the hole in the toilet. Push down on the plunger slowly and pull up quickly to attempt to disturb the blockage. Continue until the water starts to drain. This is often successful if it is not a hard object causing the blockage.
  • Use an augur (commonly known as a toilet snake).  This is particularly effective if a solid item is causing the blockage or the blockage is further down the pipe.  The flexible, heavy-duty wire can reach stubborn blockages that a plunger can’t dislodge.

When to call a plumber

  • If your toilet is already overflowing, it is time to call a plumber as it’s probably too late for a DIY attempt and if you don’t address the issue immediately it will likely get more expensive and do more damage to the surrounds.
  • If the toilet quickly gets blocked again after seemingly successful DIY unblocking methods, there is probably something more sinister causing the issue such as a blockage that may be farther down in the main pipes where only a professional has the knowledge and equipment to reach.

When DIY unblocking methods fail, a plumber such as AMS Plumbing can find the source of your blockage and address it with the knowledge and tools to not make the problem worse and get your pipes flowing freely in no time!handy DIY