How to fix smelly bathroom drains

Smelly bathroom drains are not only unpleasant; they can be unsanitary and be a sign of a more problematic plumbing issue.

If you suspect a bigger issue that needs professional attention then a call to the plumber may be on the cards, but first you can try the following tips to rid your bathroom of smelly drains.

To know how to stop smelly drains, you need to know what causes them.

The cause of smelly bathroom drains

A number of things can cause your bathroom drains to stink. A build up of various elements can stick to the inside of your pipes, including soap, food, rubbish, hair and even dead skin! This leads to a build up of bacteria, eventually leading to a pong. A build up of old water can also cause your drains to smell, if your bathroom has been out of action for a few weeks (for example whilst you’ve been on holidays).

How to stop my bathroom drains smelling

Firstly, try the trusty old trick of flushing them out with hot water. It won’t work every time, but if you have a minor blockage or stale water at the bottom of the drain then it may just do the trick. Don’t use boiling water, which can soften PVC pipes, use water on the hottest setting of your hot water tap.

If hot water doesn’t do the trick, it’s time to try a drain cleaner!

Firstly try a DIY solution of bi-carb or baking soda, vinegar and hot water to flush out your drains. This is nicer on your pipes, the environment and your nose than commercial drain cleaners.

Start by pouring a cup of bi-carb down the drain, followed by a cup of boiling water. Repeat with another cup of bi-carb and a cup of white vinegar, then plug the drain until you hear fizzing and see bubbles. Once the bubbles have stopped, flush again with hot water.

Commercial cleaners should only be used as a last resort and with caution as they are extremely toxic.

Prevent smelly drains instead of curing them

As with everything, preventing smelly bathroom drains is easier than curing them! Weekly drain maintenance with your DIY solution of bi-carb, vinegar and water should do the trick to remove dirt and bacteria build-ups.

If these DIY solutions do little to combat your stinky drains, it’s time to call a plumber, such as AMS Plumbing Brisbane! We use special tools to clean drains effectively and reach places that no amount of drain cleaner can get to. We can also check if the cause of your smelly drains is due to a larger issue, such as old pipes or a problem with the main sewer line and advise accordingly.