How to effectively remove mould from your shower

Bathroom and shower mould is not only ugly, it can be bad for your health. Removing mould from your shower can seem like an impossible bathroom task, and keeping it away even harder! Here we share tips on how to remove mould for good.

Tips to banish mould from your bathroom

Firstly it’s important to note that once mould gets into grout or silicone, it’s almost impossible to completely remove. Mould develops roots as it grows which grow into the grout and silicone so although you can clean the surfaces, you can’t clean deep into it. In those cases, grout or silicone will have to be replaced. If the mould has only recently started to grow, act fast before it develops roots!

How to remove mould in the bathroom and shower

●      Make a concentration of 80% vinegar 20% water and separate into 3 buckets

●      Using a microfiber cloth, soak in the first bucket then clean a patch of mould

●      Rinse the microfibre cloth in the second bucket, then the third to ensure no cross contamination

●      Repeat on all areas of mould

●      Wash the microfiber cloths thoroughly in the washing machine with vinegar on the hottest cycle to kill the mould.

Tips to prevent mould from returning

●      Keep the area well ventilated. Inadequate ventilation is one of the top reasons bathrooms are vulnerable to mould growth due to a build up of humidity and moisture in the area. Install an exhaust fan in the bathroom and remove as much moisture as possible with a squeegee after you’ve showered,

●      Fix any moisture entry points in your home such as leaky pipes,

●      Avoid leaving damp clothes in the bathroom,

●      Vacuum and dust regularly as mould thrives on organic matter such as dust and dead skin cells.

When to call the professionals to remove bathroom mould

If mould has spread from your shower and affected flooring, or has covered a large area of your home then it’s best to call the experts for professional mould removal.

The cost for professional mould cleaning can vary depending on the extent of the problem. If you’ve got a mould problem that needs more attention than a spring clean; contact us today to organise a plumbing check and possible bathroom renovation ideas.