How to check for current water restrictions in your area

Water is essential in our everyday life and a natural resource we can take for granted. Unfortunately despite it being a natural resource, its quantity can be sparse and it is essential to conserve water where we can, especially in times of drought. Are you aware of the water restrictions in your area?

How to be water smart

We use water on many occasions throughout the day; to shower, wash dishes, brush teeth, drink, wash clothes, watering plants…to name a few.

There are ways you can reduce the amount of water you use in the home:

In times of drought water restrictions are commonly put in place so it is important to know how to conserve water where you can to be prepared.

You can find out about any water restrictions by consulting your local council website, water supplier or visiting the visit the Department of Energy and Water Supply website.

Even if there are no restrictions currently in place, taking steps to consciously save water will help preserve our water supply for the future and also save you money!