How to Avoid Blocked Drains

Blocked drains are a plumbing nightmare. They can be time consuming to unblock and frustrating, as usually they are avoidable!

If you want to avoid blocked drains, never put these 5 things down them:

Fat and grease

When cool, fat and grease will solidify and quickly clog the drain. Small particles of food and other debris also stick to it whilst it’s solidifying and before you know it the drain will be completely blocked.

Instead of pouring fat down the drain, wait for it to cool and scrape it into the bin!

Leftover food

Leftover food should go in the bin, no matter how small the bits may be! Even if they fit down the plug this doesn’t mean that’s the best way to dispose of them. They will quickly build up and the small particles of food will soon turn into one big blockage.


Inevitably, some hair is going to go down the drain when you are in the shower. But any excess clumps, or clumps from your hairbrush should go in the bin, not in the toilet or down the plug.

Sanitary items

Dispose of all sanitary items hygienically in the waste bin. They continue to expand when submerged in water and quickly block drains.

Baby wipes & nappies

Even when they say flushable, avoid flushing them down the toilet. Baby wipes do not break down the same as toilet tissue and are one of the #1 causes of blocked drains. The same goes with nappies, these are not suitable for flushing. They will without a doubt cause a blockage, sooner rather than later!

Don’t use your drain or toilet as a bin!

The only thing that should be going down the drain is water, human waste and toilet paper! Anything else is more likely to clog your drains than reach the main sewer.