Hot water system – Gas or Electric?

Water is one of the most consumed household resources so you want to ensure that the system you choose to heat it is the most suitable for your home.

If you are building a home and considering your hot water system or replacing what you currently have – your first considerations will likely be gas or electric? These are the two most common hot water systems.

Although all hot water systems will heat your water, the way they do it and the cost at which they do it varies.

Here are some considerations for your hot water system

Gas hot water
Gas hot water is certainly more cost effective if you are connected to a mains gas line. Otherwise, you will have to have LPG cylinders installed. The rate at which you use gas and will have to replace these will depend on the size of your household. These also have to be located outside which may not suit the desired look of some households.  On the up side has overall has low costs compared to electricity and is more environmentally friendly.

Electric hot water
Electric hot water systems have low up front costs to install if they aren’t already as all homes have electricity. They are reliable and are easy to install into any home. On the downside, they can be one of the pricier systems to use especially if you have a large household and aren’t particularly eco-friendly.

With heating water accounting for a quarter of household energy consumption it isn’t a decision you want to rush into.

Ultimately, the decision whether to opt for gas or electric will depend on your circumstances and preference but the main thing is to not rush into opting for the cheaper install option, which will usually be electricity, without considering all of your gas choices, as this could cost you more in the long run.