Help, my shower is not draining properly

Blocked showers are a common problem among households. If you are showering and water is rising above your ankles, there is likely a clogged pipe at play. The good news is that just because your shower is not draining properly doesn’t automatically mean you need to call a plumber. In most cases, you can get the shower drain flowing freely again yourself.

Common causes of shower blockages

  1. Hair. When showering, strands of hair will always fall out and if not stopped, go straight down your drain. All this hair will accumulate in your pipes with soap, grease and eventually cause them to block.
  2. Soap and scum build-up. Fats that dissolve from soap mix with minerals in the water that unfortunately forms a residue on your pipes that inevitably builds up and causes pipes to block.
  3. Minerals. Depending on your water, minerals can also collect in your pipes and create masses that will have an effect on the flow of water.
  4. Tree roots. If you have small cracks in your pipes, tree roots may be able to penetrate. Once they are inside your pipes they continue to grow and can cause significant blockages. If you do get to the point of calling a plumber, this is something they will determine and advise on, it is definitely not something you can fix yourself!

How to unblock a shower that is not draining properly

When to call a plumber

If the DIY unblocking tactics have exhausted or is accompanied by water or sewerage backing up from bathroom drains or toilets then it’s time to call a plumber. The experts at AMS will get your shower draining properly in no time and check your other pipes to ensure there isn’t a more pesky plumbing problem at hand!

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