Have you noticed a drop in your water pressure?

If your sink is taking forever to fill or you have noticed that your shower pressure isn’t spraying as strong then you may have a drop in water pressure.

A drop in water pressure can be frustrating, especially when it happens suddenly and you don’t know the reason why.

A drop in water pressure could be caused by:

  • A leaking, faulty or burst pipe
  • An issue with your plumbing
  • Water works in the area

If you have noticed a drop in your water pressure there are a few things you can check:

  1. Check if your stop valve is fully open. You will find your stop valve near your water meter. This controls the flow of drinking water to your home. This should be fully open. You can check by turning the valve in the direction of the arrow until it won’t turn any more. If it is already open, then it won’t move but if it isn’t fully open, opening it should increase your waters pressure. This is common if you have recently had a repair or some water maintenance done and the valve hasn’t been reopened fully.
  2. Check if you have any leaks. Leaks can reduce the power flow of the water so that by the time it reaches your tap the pressure can drop. Find out how to detect a leak in your home.
  3. Are your pipes corroded? Over time galvanised steel pipes can corrode on the inside to a point where the build up of scale gradually closes the pipe. This corrosion develops over decades and you may notice a gradual rather than a sudden drop in pressure but if you have recently moved into an older house and notice low pressure, this could be the problem. This is an issue you’ll be unlikely to detect yourself and will require an inspection by a qualified plumber.

A drop in water pressure can be hard to detect, especially if it happens slowly.

If you think your water pressure isn’t as strong as it used to be you’re probably right. A drop in water pressure could be a signal of a bigger problem so it’s not something you want to leave lingering for too long, contact a professional such as AMS Plumbing to get your water pressure pumping in no time!