Harvesting Rainwater: A beginner’s guide and its benefits

Harvesting rainwater is one of the easiest ways to save water; reducing your water bills and positively impacting the environment!

To do so requires simple processes and equipment to collect water that would otherwise be wasted.

Firstly, let’s explain rainwater harvesting

To put it simply, rainwater harvesting is the process of collecting and storing rainwater that falls on hard surfaces such as roofs and paths that would otherwise run into sewer or stormwater systems via gutters and drains, going to waste.

By harvesting and collecting this rainwater in a tank, it can be stored for use in a range of ways at home, for both indoor and outdoor applications. This is especially helpful in times of water restrictions where you can use the water in your tank with no limitations as you need.

Benefits of rainwater harvesting

●      Significantly reduce water wastage

●      Reduces utility bills for water

●      Adds value to a property

●      Provides water in times of water restrictions or drought

●      A natural source of stored water for watering plants and gardens

●      Low cost to install and low maintenance

How do you harvest rainwater

To harvest rainwater, three simple components are required:

1) A system that captures the rain before it is dispersed from roofs or surfaces, such as gutters and downpipes

2) A system that filters the rainwater to remove debris, chemicals and other impurities. These filtration systems are usually two or three parts; to remove              large debris such as leaves and dirt and then further filtration to remove chemicals.

3) A system to store the rainwater in the form of an above ground or underground water tank.

Rainwater harvesting is an economical way to use this water at home to wash clothes, flush toilets and water the lawn that would otherwise be wasted.

Many plumbers are able to install both aboveground and underground water tanks and with Australians being encouraged to conserve water, now is the time to consider a rainwater tank for your home.

If you want to find out more about harvesting rainwater, what is involved and if it’s possible at your home, contact us today!

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