‘Flushable’ wipes are causing blocked drains.

From cleaning faces, BBQ’s, to baby’s bums; wet-wipes are used for a variety of life clean ups and there’s no signs of their usage slowing down! Would you be horrified if we told you that Queensland Urban Utilities removes around 120 tonnes of ‘flushable’ wipes from southeast sewerage systems every year? This is a multi-million dollar problem!

Flushable wipes are not flushable, they block your drains

Flushable wipes do not break down down; even if disposed of correctly with general waste, they will stay in landfill for years – so imagine your pipes!

Despite many brands claiming their wipes are flushable, sewers across the world clog up every day from wipes that have been flushed. If you think that’s not your problem, you couldn’t be further from the truth! Blockages caused from wipes will not only affect your homes plumbing system in a big (and expensive) way, these blockages can build up in main sewer systems, causing raw sewage from manholes to overflow into home sewers and surrounding waterways – yuck!

If you think that’s gross – imaging how it is for those having to unblock the pipes. Sometimes the masses are so great, they have to be craned out. This costs utility companies millions each year and could be completely avoided.

Brisbane blocked drains – Keep your wipes out of the pipes!

If you can – forgo the wipes completely. They are terribly bad for pipes AND the environment. If you do need to use them, dispose of them correctly with the rest of your household waste.

If you continue to flush them and this results in a blockage, you could find yourself with a bill for thousands of dollars if a plumber deems the cause of your blockage from flushable wipes!