Common causes of low water pressure

The best part of many peoples day is getting home from work and enjoying a long, hot shower. So there is nothing quite as frustrating as turning the tap on to find that you have low water pressure!

There are several common causes of low water pressure, most which will need the attention of a plumber

Build up of minerals in pipes

When debris such as dirt and pollutants from the sinks in your home, or cracks in pipes and minerals from water build up, it can cause your low pressure to weaken as it reduces the diameter of the pipes.

Corrosion in the pipes

Over time there is always a build up of corrosion in pipes, but this is especially common in older pipes and eventually they may need to be replaced for water pressure to return to normal.

Small pipes and multiple faucets

Especially in newer homes, multiple bathrooms and water outlets result in multiple showers, taps or toilets being used at the same time. This water is still all only being delivered by the mains water pipe so using them all at the same time will naturally reduce water pressure down the line.

Water leaks causing low water pressure

Water leaks somewhere in your pipes may be to blame. If you can’t spot any obvious leaks then it may be hidden underground.

Partially closed valves

Valves are usually located close to your taps and if partially shut off will result decrease the efficiency of your entire water system of your home. If you know where your valve is and what it should look like, check to see if it needs to be opened.

The majority of water pressure reduction causes will require the skills of your local plumber to spot and repair. A plumber will be able to fix any minor issues, and will also have the tools of the trade such as CCTV to identify any issues in the pipes such as cracks, leaks or a build up of minerals. Contact us today to find out more!

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