5 water saving tips this summer

Queensland can go through long periods of drought and summer is no exception! During these times its imperative to save water.

Although we do often see summer storms, rarely is it enough to counter the drought period that has consumed the state on the lead up to the season change.

Saving water is something that should always be considered to help the environment, but it’s especially important to be mindful in summer.

With 95% of household water going down the drain, reducing our water consumption is essential!

Water saving tips for summer

1.    Take shorter showers and install water saving showerheads.

Washing away the stresses of the day with a long, hot shower is something most of us look forward to but by shortening your showers by a few minutes will save you litres of water over every single time.

If you really do struggle to shorten your showers, the least you can do is install water saving showerheads.

2.    Reuse your water for your garden.

During the summer months it can be hard to keep your garden green! By placing a bucket in the shower you can recycle the water that collects in it and use to water your plants and garden rather than turning on the hose.

3.    Don’t flush excessively.

Only human waste and toilet paper should be flushed! Often we use our toilet as a bin and flush it far more than necessary. Baby wipes, sanitary items, dental floss and hair are the man culprits that often end up in the toilet bowl rather than the bin – a waste of a flush and also a major blockage hazard!

4.    Check your home for leaks.

At the very least, small leaks can make your water bills spike. Small leaks also often turn into big problems so it’s important to regularly check your taps and pipes for any sign of leakages. Keep an eye on your water bill and if you notice it rising suddenly then you likely have a leak.

5.    Only use the dishwasher on full loads.

As a rule of thumb appliances that work on any capacity should only be used when loads are full. This will significantly reduce your water and energy consumption. A full dishwasher load uses less water than washing the same items by hand!