5 things you should never wash down your kitchen sink

When cooking, cleaning, and rinsing dishes it can be tempting to put everything down the kitchen sink!

However, unless you enjoy routine visits and bills from the plumber, you should avoid using your kitchen sink as a rubbish bin.

Here are 5 of the worst things to wash down your kitchen sink

  1. Grease and oil. Grease and oil turn into a solid mass as it cools, meaning other things will stick to it and it alone will eventually cause a blockage. Instead of pouring grease and oil down the sink, pour it into a container, which you can scrape into the rubbish bin once it’s solidified.
  2. Coffee grounds. Coffee grounds don’t break down; they instead clump together and quickly fuse with other items in the pipes to create blockages.
  3. Eggshells. The awkward shapes of broken eggshells make them a serial offender for creating a wall that leads to a blockage in your pipes, instead of throwing them down the sink, throw them into your garden! They make excellent additions to a compost pile.
  4. Rice and pasta. Rice and pasta continues to absorb liquid long after you deem it cooked. Your drainpipes have a fixed width and once the pasta is down the drain it could continue to swell much more than you anticipate. Rice and pasta make for sticky swollen substances that will easily and quickly clog your pipes.
  5. Stickers and labels. Stickers and labels are made of plastic which likely stick to your drainpipes. If they don’t, the end result is equally bad, if not worse, as they can end up polluting rivers and oceans.

Despite avoiding using your sink as a bin as much as possible, clogs can happen and you may need to call a plumber. However, if ensure the above items end up in the bin rather than the sink, we won’t need to visit you as often!

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