Blocked Drains
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Blocked Drains

Blocked drains, blocked stormwater drains and blocked sewer pipes can be a disaster. A drain blockage can quickly turn into your worst nightmare, whether it’s in your home or garden. AMS plumbers have the expertise to deal with drain blockages, drain overflows and floods to help you get life back to normal fast.

Whether it’s a localised drainage problem, a water mains problem or a sewer mains problem, all AMS plumbers are well equipped with drain clearing machinery, CCTV cameras and locators to assist with your drainage needs.

Drain Blockages in the House

You might be thinking a blocked drain inside the house is an easy fix, but sometimes there may be problems further down the line that you can’t see.

Drainage issues in and around the house could be:

  • Food blockage in the kitchen sink
  • Toilet is overflowing or backing up
  • Shower drain is slow to drain

Some of these, drainage issues can be attended to manually by our plumber. If this does not relieve the drainage problem then the main sewer drain may be blocked a little further down than first anticipated. In this instance AMS plumbers use the latest drain clearing equipment, such as a jet blaster and drain camera, to resolve the problem.

Drain Blockages Outside

In some instances a drainage problem inside your property, can be a result of something further down your sewer drains or lack of stormwater drains outside. It could be any of the following.

Tree Root Infestation

  • where tree roots have managed to get into your pipes and cause drain blockages and obstructions
  • where tree roots have cracked or split drainage pipes

Damp Internal Walls / Property Flooding

  • in heavy rain a lack of drainage can cause water run-off from the gardens and surrounding area that seeps and floods onto the property
  • in heavy rain a lack of drainage could result in property flood

Collapsed Drainage/Sewer Pipes

  • excessive ground movement can disconnect drainage pipes or cause misalignment
  • subsidence
  • constant heavy weight from above has caused crushing or collapsing of the drainage pipes
  • deterioration or corrosion

Septic System / Transpiration Trenches

Not operating correctly of full to capacity

Downpipes and Gutters

  • foreign objects, silt, dirt or leaves have washed into gulley’s and caused blockages
  • insufficient downpipes to drains causing overflow and flooding

Depending on what the actual drainage issue is, an AMS plumber will assist you and guide you through the correct service to resolve your drainage problems. With over 30 years experience, AMS plumbers have the experience, knowledge and expertise to deal with any of your drain blockages, drain overflows or flooding problems. Whatever the size of the problem, AMS Plumbing are experts in drainage services and can fix the problem quickly, safely and effectively. If you have a problem with drainage on your property call the team at AMS Plumbing we service blocked drains across Brisbane.

*Terms and Conditions Apply for our Limited Time Offer

  • Camera survey will take place at the time of drain cleaning
  • If vehicle which attends site is not equipped with a drain camera, no follow up camera survey will take place, no discount will be provided
  • If camera survey is required additional cost may be charged (discretion of AMS)
  • Camera survey is to be carried out on the drain which is being cleared
  • If additional equipment is required, additional costs will apply

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